How to Connect Social Media to a website (Gain 100% Traffic)

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Do you know, over 97% of Bloggers use Social Media to promote their blog posts. And why not, if there are 3.78 Billion people using Social Media across the World and on an average 3 Hours 25 minutes are spent on a daily basis, this is obvious. I know after reading these stats you would … Read more

How to Create About Us, Contact Us pages in WordPress website.

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Pages are one of the most important parts of building a complete website. Pages are not only important but also mandatory in most of the aspects of Blogging. Pages on a website will help your visitors to know who you are?, what is your company is all about? how viewers can contact you?. In short, … Read more

How to Setup Google Analytics for WordPress website

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Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools. It is a tool that is helping many industries to track their advertising ROI, understand customers, website traffic, etc. And if I talk about bloggers, there would be no one who is not using Google Analytics to track their website traffic and conversion. From Beginners to … Read more

How to Setup Google Search Console for WordPress

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If your website is appearing on search results then give thanks to Google. Google search console is a free tool from Google that helps you to track all your Organic search traffic coming to your website. It was 2019 when I was new to blogging I thought that just writing content and publishing it will … Read more

How to Customize Theme in WordPress (GeneratePress Theme)

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Theme customization is one of the most important aspects of a blog website. Every Blogger should take this as a serious part of blogging. Theme customization can be done in a very easy manner and when it comes to customizing themes in WordPress it becomes easier. Because WordPress has more than 1,000-2,000 Themes of every … Read more

How to install UpdraftPlus Plugin in WordPress (Full Setup)

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Creating a backup of your WordPress files can be the best way to secure your website. And to do this you need a backup plugin that can create a backup of your website automatically. When I started my website for the first time, I didn’t know about backups and lost my website’s files, leading to … Read more

How to create Forms in WordPress using Ninja Forms

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Forms are generally a great source for gathering information. Forms like contact forms, survey forms, booking forms, registration forms are the most reliable source for gathering information. And with the increasing no. of internet users it has become easier to create a form to gather information via. internet. When I have started a blog, I … Read more

How to Fix Broken Links on WordPress website

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What if I say Broken Links may affect your SEO… What’s your reaction? I know most of the bloggers just ignore Broken Links but it can be very harmful to your Website SEO. Most of you would say now “but how?” But first of all we must know what is a Broken Link? Broken links … Read more

How to setup Sucuri Security plugin in WordPress

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“How to secure my website from being hacked?” I have found these questions many times in my email box, QnA platforms, and in Bloggers’ Live stream. And for this the simple answer is “Install Sucuri Security Plugin” The reason behind using this plugin because it fixes your website from hacks, and prevents it from being … Read more

How to Add Table of Contents to WordPress website

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You would never found the popular blog posts without having a table of contents. Because it has many benefits; they give you a complete overview of the content, helps the readers to reach on the specific topic that they want to read. Moreover, table of content sometimes help you to rank on Google through featured … Read more