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Hello Bloggers! Welcome to MakeBloggingEasy. I hope you all are dedicated to blogging and heading to a successful blogging career. First of all, thank you to all those who are reading this First Blog Post of MakeBloggingEasy.

I’m Pankaj Shaw the Co-founder of MakeBloggingEasy. I’m here to aware you of the brand new blog website makebloggingeasy.com, and this website have started with a vision to Skyrocket the Blogging journey of our Bloggers. If you stay up to the last you will find such things which are beneficial of yours.

Who we are?

Actually, we are a team of two. The two Co-founders Pankaj Shaw and Subham Shaw working day and night to make your blogging journey easy.

We have learned a lot and still learning more to help you out to remove the obstacles in your blogging journey. It’s our duty to make your road map smooth towards a successful blogging career.

How MakeBloggingEasy started?

After earning $18 within a year, we were highly motivated and then decided to create a Specific blog website relating to the blogging niche.

We have invested our last three months of planning on our new project and then we have launched our new website makebloggingeasy.com.

Future Goals of MakeBloggingEasy

Our future goal is to make this website into a brand by making this website the #1 blogging guide website in this industry in which many blogging aspirants may learn the core of blogging through our courses and free but premium content.

Even we want to make MakeBloggingEasy as one of the largest network of bloggers across the world.

Many ideas were revolving in my mind but it’s not a good time to reveal it, have patience you would get to know about it.

What you will learn here?

MakeBloggingEasy is dedicated blog website for bloggers. We will give you plenty of contents relating to;

  • Start a Blog
  • Guides
  • Blogging Tools
  • Review Guides

Start a Blog

Inside start a Blog we will share different ideas on how to start a blog in different niches and each consists of a detailed guide that will help you to understand better with more clarity.


Guides will be the key focus of us because these Guides will help you to make your blogging journey easier than before. Few important topics we cover under it:

  • Blogging Guide: All the guides related to blogging and blogging tips & tricks for ease blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A complete guide to SEO to rank your blog content at top of Google search results
  • Blogging Tutorials: Tutorials related to the set-up of any features either in WordPress or Blogger
  • Affiliate Marketing: Guides related to affiliate marketing to increase your blog income and experience in sales and marketing
  • Buying Guide: Guides related to buying a product (Blogging related) like; Web Hosting, Courses, and Books.

Blogging Tools

As we know blogging is incomplete without its tools, that’s why we provide you such blogging tools and related content that will help you to make your day-to-day blogging more easier.

Review Guide

Most of the new comers in Blogging always faces a difficulty while buying blogging products and this problem gap will fulfill by our review guides on:

  • Web Hosting Reviews
  • Blogging Courses Reviews
  • SEO Tools Reviews
  • Blogging Books Review

Join MakeBloggingEasy Family

After all, you are my blogging family and without you, we don’t have an existence so it’s a humble request to join our family for moral support.


One of our most prioritized platforms which I would request to join is YouTube, this platform is actually the second most powerful content source of MakeBloggingEasy because we will upload the video content of various topics along with short videos so that, you would get all the practical experience of blogging.

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By joining our Facebook group you would be notified by our daily posts and short videos of blogging which will help you to increase your knowledge day-by-day. Even you will be eligible to engage with different bloggers and ask different questions related to blogging.

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By joining our Facebook group you would be notified by our daily posts and short videos of blogging which will help you to increase your knowledge day-by-day.

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By joining our Facebook group you would be notified by our daily posts and short videos of blogging which will help you to increase your knowledge day-by-day.

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Email Newsletters

Newsletters are always called a powerful source for an engaging audience and I love to engage with you all, that’s why I request you to join our Blog newsletter by providing your active email to the blog subscription box this will help us to send you a personal email, and to notify you about the latest blogs and videos published by us.

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